Counseling Services
Individual counseling services to support positive well-being
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EAP Services
Employee sponsored services to support a healthy and vibrant workforce
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Corporate Training Services
Corporate training packages to support employee growth and development
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Alcohol & Drug Education Training
Educational groups on the impact of alcohol and substance use
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Kingsberry Counseling Services

Kingsberry Counseling Services provides individual counseling services for adults, employee assistance programs (EAP), corporate training packages, and alcohol and drug education training (ADET) to meet the specific needs of individuals, couples, and the ever changing workforce. Our services are tailored to enhance a resilient workforce while supporting individual and corporate values. KCS provides an array of onsite and virtual services that are confidential and easily accessible from any mobile device with internet service.

Advantages to utilizing Kingsberry Counseling Services

Kingsberry Counseling Services was established in 2016 with a driving mission to enhance well-being and work life balance for individuals and families experiencing emotional, behavioral, or performance issues associated with work, school, or relationships. The staff at Kingsberry Counseling Services recognize that work and life can be challenging at times. Our staff is committed to providing counseling and educational services that enhance interpersonal strengths, while identifying resources and strategies to assist individuals with overcoming life’s challenges and reaching their highest potential.

We specialize in the following areas